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Friday, January 5, 2007

OSR #4-2007 Good News

It is now certain that our fish will be bigger in 2007. Results from compiled 2006 harvest data shows that the salmon were in fact larger than their brethren of 2005. We boated plenty of thirty lb fish in 2006 and that was a huge jump over 2005. This coming season is shaping up to the point where we should see sizeable numbers of 40lb fish. This fantastic news is brought to you as a result of a huge hatch of 2005 alewives making bait recruitment that year, one of the largest ever.

Two 35lb. Salmon An Alewife

These huge numbers of alewives are now reaching maturity. Simply put, it means that there are plenty of high quality bait fish teeming with caloric energy just waiting to be gobbled up by the Lake Ontario eating engines known as salmon and trout. The more food you eat, the bigger you get, and I certainly am proof of that, especially after eagerly participating in some of my customers gourmet pepperoni and cheese marathons.

If you are looking to catch a big one, and I mean a really big one, this could be the year.

Of all the great lakes, it is a fact that Lake Ontario produces the biggest fish. Some of our good fortune comes from lady luck, while plenty of our good fortune results from our NYSDEC Fishery professionals who do a terrific job managing fish populations in relation to forage abundance.

WANT A BIG CHINOOK? Fish Lake Ontario! Hopefully you will do it with me.

Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 4:50:11 AM


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