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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Let the Games Begin! ISR #1-2007

Even though, as I write this update, it is miserably cold and still snowing, it will not be long till the Dixie Dandy is in the water and fully rigged for the 2007 fishing season. Today I finished the bottom paint trim and even painted the bilge area platform between the two engines. The power plants have been tuned, and general spring maintenance is complete. Keeping her ship shape is the only way to go.

     It looks like we will be in the water early next week. Then I will reinstall the electronics, load my generous assortment of tackle on board, and motor the Dixie Dandy out for a shakedown cruise or two, weather permitting.  Once I complete those tasks, I run the boat some 13 miles to the Oswego Marina where she will remain till the end of September.

     Fishing out of Oswego offers several advantages to both my customers and me. The Oswego area translates to short runs to quality fishing waters. Short runs equate to more time actually spent fishing. Off Oswego, the early season fishing is enhanced by the tremendous flow of the Oswego River as it pours into Lake Ontario. The River brings plenty of warmer, nutrient rich water into the lake. Early season inshore fishing is enhanced by the warm, murky tributary run off, making for some great light tackle brown trout action. As the season progresses we take advantage of the bottom contour of the Oswego area that drops down about 100 feet per mile. Head out 3 miles and you are trolling in 300 fee of water. Again, as the lake warms and fish follow the bait to cooler, deeper waters short runs are still the norm, meaning more time with lines in the water. Having fished the south shore of the lake for many years, I can tell you that Oswego fishing is at the top of the chart.

     Oswego net pens will be in the water shortly, with the salmon and trout to be delivered on or about April 13th. Volunteers are standing at the ready to raise the critters to optimum stocking size in hopes of maximizing their survival rate when released into Lake Ontario depths. If you are in the area in the next few weeks stop by and watch the feeding exercise. These little guys have big appetites. I am sure any of the volunteers would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

     One of my favorite times of the year starts when boats are rolled from the dark confines of winter storage shelters, to await spring primping activity under the sometimes early season sun lit sky. Old friends return, new friends are made and another wonderful fishing season starts to roll. It is a good life and I am darn lucky to be a part of it.

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