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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OSR #2-2006 A Really Important Advisory

This is to let you know that I will not be participating in the Springfield Sportsmen's Outdoor Show in February 2007.  My bride, my two dogs and I will be in Florida and I have no desire to return to the North until it warms up a bit. Can you blame me?

     I hope you will go and enjoy the show and perhaps you can help dispel the unfounded rumor that I have retired. As soon as word got out that I would not be exhibiting at the show, it seems that a competitor started the retirement rumor.  They even had my boat for sale.  This is nothing more than wishful thinking by a buffoon or two. Most professional captains at the show will tell you that I am still fishing; however, a couple of the "in need of bookings" guys need to be corrected.

     I will continue to exhibit at The Great Northeast Sport show in Albany, NY, March 16, 17, and 18, 2007. It will have warmed up a bit by then, I hope.

     Charter fishing is not only for the young, it is also for the young at heart. Since I have been lucky enough to have taken part in quite a few birthday parties, young at heart becomes more and more important.  Charter fishing is still my passion and my many years spent on the water is why you can call me "CAPTAIN EXPERIENCE," or if you prefer, "CAPTAIN NOT RETIRED!" See you on the water in 2007.

Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 4:46:40 AM


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